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At Profile Resourcing, we have rapidly made a name for ourselves as one of the best recruitment agencies in Bedford.


If you are looking to hire new team members for your business, we understand that you want the  best candidates — and for the process to be as smooth, effective, and affordable as possible.


Advertising can rapidly become expensive and complex, as can handling multiple applicants, and there is also the constant concern that you may miss the best candidates. That’s where we come in.


At Profile Resourcing, we can handle the process from start to finish — with simple packages that cover all the bases, right through to comprehensive services that keep you in full control.


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With 15 years experience in recruitment across a range of industries, we are confident that we can provide value, and candidates that are perfect for your positions.


We also understand firsthand that some recruitment companies offer packages that are costly and complex — adding to the stress of an already sensitive process. That’s why we are proud to offer three simple packages at three transparent, visible prices with no surprises.


We are happy to discuss your options with you in detail and help you decide what would suit you best.




Why We’re One of the Leading Recruitment Agencies in Bedford


We operate a simple, no-nonsense three step process that makes your recruitment process a breeze. Simply select your package from our range of three options and send over your job details.


Next, we will get in touch to find out a little more about you, the vacancy and your business so we can be sure of getting a great fit. And finally, you sit back, relax, and await your chosen selection of outstanding candidates.


We target the very best job sites with a posting of your vacancy, and some of our packages also include a targeted approach of passive candidates so that you can be sure the very best candidates are aware of your opportunity.


Visit our website homepage and our dedicated Pricing section to discover a package that suits you and your business best.


We strive to be the very best, and the testimonials from our valued happy customers speak for themselves. We have achieved this in a competitive market through providing excellent service, great value for money, and offering insights backed up by years of experience.




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How We Can Help With Your Recruitment Needs


Our years of experience in the recruitment industry means that we can help you find recruitment solutions quickly, easily, and affordably.


No matter which industry or sector your business serves, or whether the business is large or small, we understand that the right candidates make all the difference. Whatever your vacancy, we want to ensure that you find the most appropriate — and exciting — candidates around.


Select one of our three affordable options, and we can handle the whole recruitment process from start to finish. We can manage advertising, searching, selecting and contacting candidates in a streamlined and effective way that saves you time, money, and unnecessary stress.




Our Services


The recruitment process should be simple — so we like to keep it that way. We have a three tier system of recruitment packages, so you can quickly and easily select the one that suits you.


Our Simple package is just £199, and covers advertising with none of the fuss. We take your brief, post the vacancy across a range of high quality platforms within just 48 hours, and can automate the process afterwards — sending prompt replies to candidates, and the applications to you.


Our second tier Simple Plus, and our third tier Simple Plus Plus, both offer the above and more. These options also include reviewing and sifting the applications so you don’t have to — hand-selecting the outstanding candidates and delivering them to you.


If you’re not sure which is the best option for you, why not get in touch and discuss your needs with one of our friendly team?




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Our Happy Customers


We are proud that a high proportion of our business is made up of repeat customers — returning clients who were so happy with our services that they have returned for more. They also recommend us to all of their friends and fellow business owners.


If you would like to discover some of the things being said about us, reviews are readily visible on our website homepage.


Customers love our simple, affordable approach that gets real results. They have been delighted with the candidates we have found, and have filled jobs that have improved and supported the growth of their business.


We would love to help you achieve the same. Get in touch with us and find out how we can help today.




Getting in Touch


You can call us on 01908 576 994 and speak directly with one of our friendly advisers over the phone. They will be delighted to assist you in selecting a suitable package, or to offer more advice and information on how we can help.


You can also email us on info@profileresourcing.co.uk with any comments, questions, or queries and we will endeavour to reply promptly. We are confident that we can provide a great solution for any of your recruitment needs — no matter how large or small the business.


Our website also has a handy and convenient online contact form. You can quickly and easily fill this out and be in touch with us in minutes. Simply visit the Contact Us page on our website, scroll down, and type in your query.


However you choose to get in touch, we would be delighted to help you with a simple, affordable, and effective solution to your recruitment needs.



Get in touch on 01908 576 994 and discover why we’re one of the best recruitment agencies in Bedford!

We’re Passionate About Delivering:


  • An outstanding servicesomeone who listens, understands your needs, performs and maintains an ongoing relationship (you know, the usual);
  • A small selection of exceptional candidateswe could send you hundreds, but there’s no logic in, or time for, that; and
  • Only what you want to receivethree packages, three prices, take your pick.

No Frills, No Fuss

Just great recruitment at an affordable and visible price.

It’s why most of our work is from repeat customers, and it’s why this ‘about us’ section is as simple as we are.