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Profile Resourcing is a recruitment partner that recognises our clients and candidates are unique and our recruitment solutions are designed to be tailored to suit this.


We pride ourselves on our belief and ability to attract diverse talent on behalf of our clients. Typically when people consider diversity, they often think of demographic groups such as race or gender. However, we know that diversity is a much broader and more inclusive concept.

We accept and value the two main categories of diversity:


  • Inherent diversity: characteristics like race, sex and age
  • Acquired diversity: factors like education, experience, values, skills and knowledge.


We understand that workplace diversity is a top priority for our clients just as it is for us, and we position ourselves to fully support your talent acquisition strategy, with models designed to promote inclusiveness and attract a full range of workplace diversity.


Why not contact us to discuss how we can support you increase your workforce diversity through a partnership with Profile Resourcing.


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We’re Passionate About Delivering:


  • An outstanding servicesomeone who listens, understands your needs, performs and maintains an ongoing relationship (you know, the usual);
  • A small selection of exceptional candidateswe could send you hundreds, but there’s no logic in, or time for, that; and
  • Only what you want to receivethree packages, three prices, take your pick.

No Frills, No Fuss

Just great recruitment at an affordable and visible price.

It’s why most of our work is from repeat customers, and it’s why this ‘about us’ section is as simple as we are.