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What’s a recruitment agent doing in Milton Keynes?

Milton Keynes – roundabouts, concrete cows, and the world’s best talent. If you’re looking to fill your next vacancy, then here’s why MK (and a Milton Keynes-based recruitment agent) should be your first stop for candidates.

Milton Keynes is a business haven. It’s why more than 3,000 businesses have relocated here, why its economy is worth an impressive £12 billion and why we chose Milton Keynes as the primary location for Profile Resourcing. It’s also an exceptional location for finding outstanding talent for your vacancies, and we’re here to show you why.

Why Milton Keynes is great for finding candidates

The newest of the new cities gets a lot of flack sometimes. Not least because of that Cliff Richard video, but because the new kid on the block is often seen as a little inexperienced, naive and underqualified. But, it couldn’t be further from the truth. MK is great for companies recruiting spectacular employees. Why?


You only have to look at the outstanding work achieved by the team at Bletchley Park to know that you’re in an extremely talented city. Ideally located between Oxford, Cambridge, London and Birmingham, Milton Keynes is bursting with educated minds, experienced workers and skilled employees.


Looking good for 50, Milton Keynes hasn’t stopped growing yet. In fact, it’s one of the UK’s fastest-growing cities, with plans to build a world-class university by 2023, create 32,000 more jobs by 2013 and increase to 500,000 residents by 205. In other words, your candidate pool is about to get bigger.


Some of MK’s best-kept secrets are the number of big brands located here. From Network Rail and WD40 to Marshall Amps and Xero UK – employees here have experience with some of the biggest, advanced and most successful employers out there. And, if you’re looking for someone with experience growing a business, you’re also in luck – MK has one of the highest startup rates outside of London.


Those travel links we mention also make it easy for attracting outsider talent to jobs within the city. Commutable by car, bus, rail and even air, Milton Keynes is a hotspot for recruitment activity, with more than 7.5 million people living within a one-hour drive from the city.

The benefits of using a Milton Keynes-based recruitment consultant

So, MK businesses are great, it’s employees are talented – what about the Milton Keynes-based recruitment consultants? While national recruitment firms can be tempting, homebred MK recruitment agents (such as Profile Resourcing) have the added benefit of:

Candidate connections

We have long-term relationships and connections with employees across the city, enabling us to connect you with the candidates perfect for your vacancy quickly. We regularly attend local networking events, conferences and events – come say hello!

Business connections

Being a Milton Keynes recruitment consultant for the past 15 years, we also have well-established connections with companies across the city, which means that we know the recruitment methods and campaigns that work for local businesses and job seekers.

Growth mindset

We’ve built a business in the city of dreams, surrounded by a growth mindset. This makes us naturally passionate about your growth and securing the right employees to boost it. Like MK, we’re also keen to do things a bit differently – ditching the negative recruitment consultant image by offering a professional and transparent service, with a choice of recruitment packages rather than traditional agency fees.


And last (but definitely not least) – surrounded by 130 roundabouts, we can quickly get to you as and when needed.

Why Milton Keynes is good for business?

Because only the best are located here!


If you’d like to know more about how Profile Resourcing can help your recruit candidates in and around the Milton Keynes area, get in touch today.

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