Recruitment agencies – the good, the bad and the damn right outstanding

It’s common to hear the term “recruitment consultant” and shudder. Down there with car salespersons, estate agents and traffic wardens, we have a reputation that leads many to keep their recruitment firmly in-house. But what about the good guys (and girls), what about the outstanding recruitment agencies making in-house recruitment a needless exercise that’s saving neither time nor money? If you’re battling the decision of in-house vs outsourced recruitment, join us as we take a look at the good, the bad and the beautiful of using external recruiters.

The benefits of recruiting in-house

Let’s start with what you’re familiar with – in-house recruitment. There are many reasons why businesses of all sizes decide to keep their recruitment in-house instead of using a recruitment agency.

1. Cost

Recruitment costs money and the most obvious way to reduce that cost is to avoid the spiralling percentage fees of recruitment agents by doing it yourself. While spiralling percentage fees are outdated and easily avoided (we’ll come onto that), it’s also important to remember that your time and expertise costs money too. If cost is a driver – calculate how much time in-house recruitment costs you and whether that is time and expertise well spent.

2. Branding

Businesses with a strong brand (and strict marketing department) often prefer the control that in-house recruitment gives them over adverts, client communications and job board selection. And this is great for businesses with the time, money and expertise to invest in proper recruitment branding. But, for those still grappling with which job boards are the best, you might benefit more from the advertising expertise of a recruitment expert – attracting superior candidates and improving your brand image in the market.

3. Culture

Who better to understand your culture and a candidate’s fit, than someone in-house. While a recruitment agent will take the time to understand your culture, nothing beats being immersed in it first hand. Or does it? With an increased focus on recruitment bias and discrimination, sometimes it’s better to involve someone external when judging a candidate’s ability to gel with your team and compliment the company. Food for thought.

The benefits of using a recruitment agency

Now, onto the juicy part of the blog: the benefits of using a recruitment agency (yes – we’re sure!)

1. Speed

Recruitment can be a slow beast at the best of times – especially when it’s not the only task on your ever-expanding job description. A recruitment agency brings speed and dedication to your candidate search – advertising vacancies within 48 hours, sifting and screening candidates promptly and (if you want) arranging interviews so that you simply need to turn up and decide. Great for reducing your time to hire and great for reaching candidates before your competitors do.

2. Selection

So many job boards, so little time to understand them all. Recruitment agents also take the guesswork out of which platform is best for your vacancy by using their well-earnt experience and knowledge. They can infiltrate a larger talent pool more quickly than you (or your competitors) can, including passive candidates and contractors.

3. Quality

Finally, the speed and selection benefits of using a recruitment agency also result in a superior selection of candidates. No more sifting through the dross or shredding CVs. You’ll be presented with high-calibre, pre-screened candidates – meaning that you’ll waste less time interviewing and spend more time making your choice.

The benefits of using an outstanding recruitment agency

But, you’re right – not all recruitment agencies are good or bring benefits over in-house recruitment. This is where an outstanding recruitment agency makes all the difference. With local knowledge, specialist skills and transparent practices, outstanding recruitment agencies bring:

Clearer pricing

Forget advertising fees, salary percentages and additional add-ons – outstanding recruitment agencies offer a clear, up-front and all-inclusive recruitment package price that eliminates the financial concerns about external recruitment and starts ramping up the cost savings.

Top talent

The honest practices, friendly faces and regular communication of an outstanding recruitment agency aren’t just for your benefit – it also generates happy and loyal candidates. Top candidates stick to top recruitment agents – making them difficult to approach in-house or with run-of-the-mill agencies.

Better performance

From using specialist knowledge to streamline your hiring processes and predict the skills your business will require over the coming years, to finding and attracting the specialist candidates who will improve your business’ profits and giving HR more time to spend on strategic matters – outstanding recruitment agencies using a recruitment process that results in better performance across the board.

The good, the bad and the outstanding conclusion

Sure, we’re a little bias, but at Profile Resourcing, we’re old enough to have seen and understood the benefits that a superior recruitment agency can bring to any company’s recruitment process. We know the reasons why companies avoid external recruiters and keep their recruitment process in-house, and we’ve worked hard to build a recruitment solution that tackles the bad to uncover the outstanding.

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