How to kick-start your recruitment after the lockdown

How to kick-start your recruitment after the lockdown
We’re certainly not over the coronavirus pandemic yet, but businesses in Milton Keynes and across the country are starting to “get back to it,” and this includes kick-starting recruitment campaigns.

While some might think it’s an absolutely terrible time to be recruiting, others believe it’s the absolute best time to be recruiting.

Research from LinkedIn shows that job searching activity has balloned during the lockdown. Coronavirus-related redundancies have increased the number of job seekers, furlough has given people more time to search for vacancies, and the slowdown of life has made many people realise that they don’t like their job.

This has created a deep pool of talent open to fresh opportunities.

If your business has survived or even thrived the lockdown, starting your recruitment campaigns now gives you first-pick of the talent. But, how do you kick-start your recruitment when the office is still a distant memory and you’re still grappling with Zoom?

1. Start now

If you’re waiting for everything to return to normal before beginning your recruitment drive, you’ll be waiting a long time, and losing talent in the meantime.

Active and passive candidates are browsing job boards this very second. Starting your recruitment activity now gets the ball rolling in time for when things do return to normal (whatever that may be).

2. Out with the old

If your recruitment is on hold, you have a unique opportunity to review what was working and stop what wasn’t working.

Use your current “downtime” to reassess your applicant tracking software, re-align your recruitment KPIs, work with marketing on your employer branding, and find that Milton Keynes recruitment consultant who can streamline your processes.

*Note that your employee benefits might need updating too. With everyone feeling a little less secure at the moment, benefits such as pensions contributions, sick leave and health insurance will be popular.

3. Lean on technology

If the lockdown has shown us anything, it’s that we can make a pretty good fakeaway and that we can rely on technology more than we think.

There is going to be an interim period where recruitment doesn’t feel normal, but that doesn’t mean you can’t generate the same or better results. Use collaboration tools such as Slack to coordinate your recruitment team, video software to conduct first-stage interviews, and applicant tracking software to monitor your results.

4. Utilise job boards & connections

With networking, job fairs and local meet-ups out of the picture for the time being, you must find different ways to connect with candidates.

Job boards are excellent for getting your vacancies in front of active candidates who are on the prowl for a new position, and connections (through recruitment consultants and employee referrals) are ideal for getting your vacancies in front of passive candidates open to but not actively searching for a new position.

Use both to maximise your pool of talent.

5. Don’t beat yourself up

We’re all working through the unknown right now, and if kick-starting your recruitment doesn’t feel right or isn’t possible with your current staffing levels, that’s ok.

At Profile Resourcing, we can support your recruitment function now or build a talent pipeline to assist you in the future. It’s what we’re here for.


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